Assessing Opportunities

How to Maximize Tree Planting Background: Today, private individuals and corporations own approximately 60% of land in the United States. In total, 77 million people own 1.3 billion acres of private land. Additionally, 63% of privately owned lands are farms and ranches, while 32% are forests.  There is an international movement to protect 30% of […]

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Uprooting Injustice, One Tree at a Time. Join our webinar!

Uprooting injustice by planting trees
Friends for Tree Equity, Host

Wednesday March 13, 6:30pm to 7:45 pm

Friends for Tree Equity, Illinois is becoming one of central and southern Illinois’ key resources for equitable tree planting.  Our goal is to provide the tools, resources, and encouragement needed to build healthy, resilient communities, while also mitigating some of the worst effects of our warming climate.

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